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Monthly Archives: March 2011

In harm’s way – front line police deserve protection too

Saturday’s scenes of mayhem in central London should not detract from a peaceful rally where citizens expressed their views in a peaceful march. Leave aside the suggestion that most of them – according to Economist political editor David Rennie – …
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Burying BAA(d) news under a light dusting of budget fall-out

Committed scrutinisers of spin-doctory, smoke, mirrors and sleights of communications hand (i.e. everyone in this office) took our collective hats off this week to BAA, the airport owner formerly known as British Airports Authority. The brave owners of Heathrow airport, …
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Forget budget day, learn to love budget week

If Hugh Dalton, Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1947, had been alive to read the press in the last week he would surely have done so in disbelief. Dalton had to resign for giving some fairly innocuous budget tax details …
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Can’t see the wood for the trees – Jordan’s caves in on boxgate

The latest consumer scare story – killer cereal boxes – provokes the usual outbreak of hyperbole and blood curdling headlines. Yes, the press will get you even after it has been recycled from fish and chip papers to today’s environmentally …
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They do it by numbers – actuaries and communications

One thing you can say for certain about actuaries is that they know about numbers. There are two other observations. What’s the difference between an English actuary and a Sicilian actuary? The English actuary can tell you how many people …
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Artificial intelligence, geopolitics and communications – it’s getting weird

A recent lecture at London’s Royal Institution by Ben Hammersley has contributed to the debate about the digital world, communications and politics. That is what should happen in Faraday’s spiritual home – without the electric motor where would the digital …
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